Superyacht hydraulics consultancy


Armada has world-leading expertise
in superyacht hydraulic installations.

Accustomed to working on some of the world’s most prestigious superyachts, our engineering consultants are expert at answering the highly individual requirements of the world’s most impressive vessels.

Hydraulics consultancy

We are experienced in superyacht systems and can advise on their design, build and commissioning. Our speciality is providing innovative and effective solutions to answer both common and bespoke technical requirements. Our team of consultant engineers are expert at fault finding and problem solving to a high level and can act as your competent person in purchasing both equipment and systems.

We have expertise in many areas and pride ourselves on our ability to offer confidential advice on issues including integration of gas turbines, noise vibration reduction, system efficiency, and reorganization of sub systems where weight or space are an issue.

Experienced in working on new builds and with existing systems, we have valuable knowledge in areas such as the integration of hydraulics with programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

Commissioning and sea trials

A superyacht's hydraulic systems can appear to be working properly even if functioning at only partial capacity – this can lead to dangerous and costly problems. We can assist during sea-trials to ensure a superyacht’s systems are operating at full capacity and functioning correctly.

Armada’s engineers use specialist diagnostic tools to check capacity. They check for leaks, locate power problems, identify incorrectly fitted valves, check coolant function and, should a system need to be shut down quickly, they can shut it down swiftly, safely and correctly. Our team is regularly mobilised around the world to ensure vessels get the service required when they require it and that the work fits perfectly with that particular vessel.

Procurement assistance

Armada is available to assist with procurement of superyacht hydraulic systems and machinery where additional knowledge and expertise in superyacht marine hydraulics is required. Clients benefit from the knowledge that circuits are of the correct capacity, will come in at the right price and that the vessel will be safeguarded from the pitfalls of buying either under specified or over specified equipment. Our project management skills are second to none.

If you have a query about our superyacht hydraulics consultancy, click here to contact us for no-obligation advice.

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