Onshore hydraulics consultancy & design

An example of Armada's bespoke equipment design, this is our
innovative solution for extracting a Shelby tube core sample
following exploratory drilling.

Armada does not only assist clients in the marine sector in keeping hydraulic systems in good order and vessel downtime to a minimum, we also support clients in manufacturing, ME, quarrying, mobile and construction industries.

Our reliable and competent consultant engineers are skilled in fault-finding and problem solving to a high level in hydraulic systems of all sizes and types.

Land based consultancy demands the same high levels of hydraulic understanding as the marine sector.

Our consultant engineers have designed hydraulic systems for swing bridges, designed hydraulic systems for lifeboat recovery at RNLI stations and completed hydraulics manuals for aircraft simulators. As well as working with existing manufacturing, Armada is working with clients in the renewables sector, in particular wave energy and tidal devices.

We are experienced in the installation of many types of hydraulic equipment, particularly bespoke installations. Our project management skills are second to none and each assignment is undertaken with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Our engineering consultants are capable of designing bespoke equipment, for example have our own innovative design for a Shelby tube core sample puller which has been created for exploratory drilling. Our engineers detect leaks, locate power problems, identify incorrectly-fitted valves, check coolant function and, should a system need to be shut down quickly, with Armada you have the right person on site to take care of the situation without damage or drama.

If you have a query about our onshore engineering consultancy capabilities, please click here to get our free hydraulics help.

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