Hose surveys from Armada

THMS – Total hydraulic management service

Armada's total hydraulic management system is an innovative approach to hydraulic system management, allowing commercial operators to outsource the responsibility for managing their hydraulics to experts, enabling them to spend their time more productively.

Created to save operators time and money, THMS helps ship managers avoid equipment or system failures and improves safety and ISM compliance through better systems management. THMS is a vital service because the failure of even a low-cost hydraulic part can cause damage and downtime costing thousands of pounds.

Starting with a system survey, condition report and hose register, Armada prioritises and plans a maintenance program for each vessel, carries out urgent work, devises a management strategy for the future, provides full or partial spares kits and stock bins and remains on hand to support the vessel manager whenever hydraulics are involved. Armada's global parts network can also help to locate rare or 'obsolete' parts.

With a full design and engineering capability to back us, Armada's THMS makes perfect sense for commercial operators. Indeed, where Armada helps a vessel's manager avoid one breakdown in ten years, that vessel's THMS will have paid for itself many times over.

THMS helps to ensure a client understands their own systems from the basics through to the maintenance requirements. It assures longevity of pumps, motors, pipework, fittings and control valves. We write a detailed inventory including age, condition and planned maintenance schedule to minimise downtime and save money. We can also help clients to coincide maintenance with other planned refitting work. Contact us to find out more about THMS.

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